By Becky Metivier • August 30, 2017

What are the Benefits of Outsourced Event Log Management?

Every day, companies like yours experience threatening situations, some initiated by malicious intent, and others due to simple human error. The key to mitigating this danger lies deep within the hundreds of thousands of log entries produced every day by your servers, network devices, and applications. However daily log analysis can be challenging because of the time, effort, and expertise required to consistently evaluate and analyse your log entries. If this is the case for you, then log analysis as a service could make your life a lot easier.

Using a third-party service to analyse your logs can quickly uncover and identify suspicious and potentially dangerous network activity, including internal system misuse, unauthorised access, malicious applications, and security breaches. The best service providers utilise a proven log analysis methodology in order to provide you with independent, outsourced security information management from highly trained experts.

Here’s how outsourcing your event log management can help.

#1. Helps you make sense of an overwhelming volume of data.

Native log files are cryptic, hard to interpret, and huge. How huge? The average log collects 600 entries per minute, or 864,000 entries per day. A network with 15 devices generates 13 million events PER DAY to review. A service can efficiently analyse and correlate the log entries, then provide you with the data in plain English, not technical jargon.

#2. Provides you with a consistent, reliable data review.

Internal IT departments are stretched thin, making it difficult to prioritise daily data reviews. By utilising a service, your data is reviewed every day, without fail. You can use your existing IT team for internal work, and rely on your log analysis service for independent analysis.

#3. Gives you access to high-level IT security experts.

You can benefit from high-level IT security expertise without investing in training, development, or headcount. The best service providers employ highly trained analysts. And because they work daily in the information security and cybersecurity field, they are in tune with the latest “black hat” schemes that can impact your institution.

#4. Ensures regulatory compliance.

A log analysis service is a cost-effective way to comply with GLBA, HIPAA, SoX, and FISMA audits; eases monitoring and separation of duties requirements; and helps you meet your fiduciary responsibility to customers and shareholders.

Even the best networks, run by smart people, using sound policies and procedures, are subject to activity that puts the organisation at risk. With network devices logging millions of events per day, organisations must have a comprehensive security information management strategy to stay ahead of the threat.  If you are short on time or resources, outsourced event log management could be a beneficial solution for your organisation.