How nDiscovery Works

Your network is under surveillance 24 / 7 and our team of cybersecurity experts hunt down threats in the vast cyber universe every day. Incidents are found and confirmed for you – and you receive remediation recommendations within minutes of an attack.

nDiscovery Methodology


Contextual & Behavioral Analysis
With insight to your entire network, including all Windows endpoints, we examine behavioral attributes and place an activity in the appropriate context. This allows us to detect sophisticated and zero day threats, even those mimicking normal behavior.


Current Threat Intelligence
With the ever-evolving threat environment, keeping up-to-date is an on-going and time-consuming responsibility. Our security analysts are constantly combing the latest threat intelligence from a collection of public and private data repositories.


Data Aggregation & Advanced Analytics
Intelligence gained from working with a broad spectrum of industries allows us to detect new threats before automated tools even know they exist – and with heightened awareness by our cybersecurity experts compared to your internal team.


Business-Specific Context & Security Intel
Not every environment is the same. By developing a baseline of your network behavior over time, we minimize false positives and detect indicators of compromise quickly and accurately.

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