Meet the nDiscovery Team

Founded in 2006, nDiscovery is a leading independent cybersecurity firm helping our clients defend their networks against the evolving cyber threat environment.

Our Cybersecurity Experts are an Extention of your Team!


Most solutions that detect network threats are completely automated, so no one is actually watching what’s happening. nDiscovery is entirely different.  Here we have real security professionals hunting for threats every day.

Our nDiscovery Team is so much more than just cybersecurity experts.  They are trusted advisors and your go-to resource. 

We are an extension of your team, and you can rely on us just like your other employees. Pick up the phone and a dedicated specialist will be there to provide support and answer questions.

"nDiscovery has a team of consummate professionals who take the time to learn your environment and consistently communicate with you. Just today our nDiscovery specialist reached out to us not once, but twice, to communicate some changes to our environment he noticed. You don’t get that level of care with an automated system."

-- Bret Yarrison, Director of IT Infrastructure RxAnte

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