How nDiscovery Works

Your network is under surveillance 24 / 7 and our team of cybersecurity experts hunt down threats in the vast cyber universe every day. Incidents are found and confirmed for you – and you receive remediation recommendations within minutes of an attack.

What nDiscovery Analyzes

Traditional thinking of maintaining adequate controls on ‘critical network devices’ isn’t stopping incidents or breaches from happening. nDiscovery analyzes logs generated by network devices, firewall traffic, Windows endpoints, along with a host of other interconnected systems to get a holistic picture of your environment to detect threats, regardless of the entry point of the attacker.

Analyzing allowed activity is an important part of our methodology because, it is not always approved. Whether an unintentional oversight or a targeted attempt to leverage protected information, risk exposures are often introduced via allowed activity or an authorized connection from a third-party. nDiscovery reviews and reports on all administrative activity, so that you can be sure that they are legitimate… and approved.

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